Through the years, I have been privileged enough to work with some exceptional golf students. The experiences have been enjoyable and enlightening, and here are some thing just a few have had to say:

My name is Doug Janchik and I have been playing golf for the last 20 years, and have been a golf storeowner for the last 10 years. I have had many lessons in the past from various top instructors. When I met Scott for the first time his system blew me away. With Scott's approach I learned more about the game of golf in one hour than all my previous lessons combined. I constantly see people spend thousands of dollars a year on equipment, and never get what they are looking for. Scott's system is truly an investment for a lifetime.

- Douglas Janchik, Golf Store Owner

My name is Jennifer DuBose and I have been an avid golfer for many years. I played for many years shooting in the 120s, and never seemed to get any better. All that changed when I started with Scott's products. In one seasons time I was hitting the ball much further and straighter, with more consistency and accuracy. I broke a hundred for the first time and shot a 46 for nine holes on a championship course. Now I break 100 regularly and am enjoying my golf much more. Thank you Scott, and keep up the good work.

- Jennifer Dubose, President Lizzy Lift

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful instruction and courtesies that you extended to me while a guest at your golf school. You are the first professional golfer that I have ever spoken to, that communicated to me in the fashion that I could understand exactly what the golf swing was all about. You are really a wonderful teacher and please keep up the good work.

- G. Michael Grosz, III, Attorney

My name is David Sharos and I'm an avid golfer who has been under the tutelage of Scott Mayer for one golf season. Scott is an excellent golf teacher who exhibits a great deal of experience and knowledge about the game. I've heard many experienced golfers say he is one of the best observers of technique and is able to diagnose problems in the golf swing most people can't detect. I've made great progress in the three months I've played, including-believe it or not a hole-in-one, which I attribute to luck and Scott teaching me how to hit a five iron. He's a real pro.

- David Sharos, School Teacher

The average PGA Touring Professional gets their ball up and down, inside of 30 yards, 50-60% of the time. What is your average? All golfers', regardless of ability, can lower their scores with improved performance around the greens. With Scott Mayer's Hands Off Golf approach to chipping, pitching and sand play, you will learn many valuable techniques for increasing your up and down percentages and lowering your scores.

- Brian Diamond, PGA

I have been working with Scott for two seasons and his instruction has accelerated my playing level beyond my expectations. Scott’s individualized approach took into consideration my strengths and weaknesses in developing an approach to guide me to the next level. His natural teaching style and pleasant manner provide a relaxed productive learning environment.

- Steve Tewhey

If lowering your scores is one of your goals in golf, then Scott's principles and techniques are a sure fire way to get there. Two years ago I was a 22 handicap and struggled every time out. Currently I'm an 8 handicap and haven't shot in the 90's in over a year. More importantly, through Scott's methods I'm able to self correct myself when I'm playing and no longer suffer through the frustrations of not knowing what's wrong with my swing when I'm on the golf course. Scott's knowledge and passion for helping his students improve is captivating.

- Mark J McInnis, Lenovo, Inc.




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