Golf Tips:
Swish the Club Head For More Distance

The next time you go to the range, devote your entire practice session to that of swishing the club-head. When you practice the most tangible things you have are the feel of the club and body, and the sounds of your swing. Think of the shaft of the club as a rope and the club-head as a weight tied to the end of the rope. Start with very light grip pressure, and maintain it while trying to swish the weight through the ball to your finish position. Attempt to get in touch with the feel, as well as the sound of the swinging club-head. A ball only travels as far as your club-head moves fast, and your club-head is only moving as fast as the swish it makes is loud. When done properly, you should feel the weight of the club-head throughout the entire swing as it steadily accelerates through the ball to your finish. If you are swinging too hard, with a grip pressure that is too tight, you will loose the sensation of the weight and your swish will be minimized. Remember swish throughtit, not to it. Have fun and good luck.

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