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The obvious trend in golf equipment has been moving towards custom club fitting. If you are considering the purchase of new equipment, make sure you take the time to get properly fitted. In specialty club fitting shops you can purchase custom fitted golf clubs at very affordable prices. Most of your local on course golf shops with PGA golf professionals are now carrying fitting systems to accommodate this market.

One of the things that disturbs me most is to see one of my students go into a large discount golf shop and walk out with a set of expensive golf clubs from directly off the rack, without even getting properly fit. It happens all the time. People spend $700 - $2500 on golf clubs, which are going to hurt their game, not help. Expensive golf clubs with the inappropriate specifications aren't worth a darn. On a daily basis I see individuals with inappropriate golf swings that have developed as a result of playing with inappropriate equipment. The sad thing is that there are tons of inexpensive but quality golf clubs with great guarantees that with the proper fit will perform as well as any expensive club you can purchase.

Fitting golf clubs is not a process, which can be done by the glance of an eye, or by using some general guidelines. An experienced club fitter can get you in the ballpark, but even he needs to do some minor testing to identify your exact specifications.

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