Golf Tips:
Golf Bag Setup

When determining the 14 clubs you want to comprise your set of consider your strengths and weaknesses in terms of distance and your fondness of woods compared to irons. If you tend to hit the ball a shorter distance and or prefer woods, you may choose to carry more woods and less irons. You may choose to carry 1,3,5,7,9 woods that will take the place of your 1,2,3,4,5 irons. This will also allow you to carry an extra sand wedge or two, which may come in useful around the green for specialty shots.

If you tend to hit the ball longer and are good with your long irons, you may choose to eliminate some woods and utilize more wedges. I for instance comprise my set of a putter, driver, 1 iron, (which I switch out for a 3 wood, depending on the course) 3-pitching wedge, and 3 sand wedges. This ensures me that when I get within 135 yards of the hole (this is where the majority of my strokes occur) that I am well prepared for all situations. Make sure you set your bag up according to your needs not the norm.

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