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Contact-Drill Visualize Impact

As the golf season approaches keep these things in mind when you practice and play. Good solid contact is one of the most important aspects of creating successful golf shots. One of the most important aspects of creating good contact is, whether or not you have good visual contact with the ball at the moment of impact. You must see the club hit the ball, or the ball disapsear at the moment of impact. If you want to see a crappy shot, just look up prematurely and it will be right there in front of you, running on the ground.

To improve your contact try placing a row of balls on tees where you can work your way down the line with the following things in mind. Use your 7 iron attempting the see the tee after the contact has been made with the ball. Did it stay in the ground, or did it come out of the ground? If it came out of the ground what did it do? Did it come straight up in the air and flip several times, did it fly out in front of you, or did you clip it right in half? When I hit a good solid shot I don't see the flight of my ball until it reaches the hundred yard marker or so. When I hit a poor shot, I often see the ball much too early in its flight, or roll. It is important to remember to finish your golf swing after watching the contact. You do not want to forgo the finish at the expense of seeing the contact as this will impede your swing and your results. Seeing some aspect of impact is something that happens during the right sequence of your swing on the way to the finish.

You can also work on this in your putting practice by looking for the grass under the ball until your stroke has come to a finish. Listen for the ball to go in the hole, as opposed to watching it go in the hole.

If all my students would make a goal of simply trying to make better contact, they would all play better golf. Good luck with seeing the ball disappear, or seeing the tee after the shot and we will see you out on the links.

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